Paper Toy Rocker – Mother Goose – Designed by Henry Anson Hart

Paper Toy Mother Goose RockerPaper toy rockers were very popular during the first quarter of the 20th century. There are surviving examples by the McLoughlin Brothers and Raphael Tuck. Animals and highly collectible circus scenes were made into rocker toys. The design by Henry Anson Heart is one of the most clever I have run across in my search for antique and vintage rocker paper toys. I have included a sample for you above. Click on the link to download a tiff file. Print, cut and fold. No glue necessary! Sit on a level surface and give it a little nudge and watch it rock back and forth.

Christmas In July – Antique Christmas Toy Images by Eleanor Colby

Download a set of antique toy images by Eleanor Colby from a 1911 magazine. The original printing quality is poor, but accurately reflects the type of paper cut-outs children used from women’s magazines during the early twentieth century. These are in transparent png format in a zip file. Use for digital scrapbooking, tags and other holiday items. Adjust the sizes creating your own combinations. Click on the image to download.

Create a Little Red Riding Hood Vignette from Jointed Paper Toys

I enjoy working with antique and vintage paper toys creating various scenes. The Little Red Riding Hood paper toy is reproduced from the original printed in 1918. I love working with kraft paper and printed this on Kraft card stock. This can also be printed on other types of card stock creating a different look. Click on the image below to download a pdf file to print and make your own scene.