It all started with this wonderful book!"The Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature"In 1955 my mother bought a book, The Illustrated Treasury of Children’s Literature. Every night a story was read to me from this collection. My mother could never read through The Little Match Girl without crying. Through this book I was introduced to great writers, poets and illustrators. I remember those days with great fondness.

Years later I had a little girl and asked my mother if we still had my favorite book. She explained it had water damage and was thrown away. I was so disappointed. I looked for the book in book stores, but it was out of print. Every chance I got I looked in the used book stores, but never found it. I searched the library with no success. Several years later while browsing a book store, I noticed this large book with a yellow cover. The Illustrated Treasury of Children’s Literature had been reprinted after more than 30 years. I grabed the book and ran up to the counter like a kid in a candy store. Every night I read to my daughter. She picked the story or poem. As she grew older she read with me and together we recited many poems and limricks. Her favorites were Over In The Meadow and The Goops. On Christmas Eve I would read The Night Before Christmas from that big yellow book. Like my mother, I too could never read through The Little Match Girl without crying.

I tell you this story because it is the inspiration behind this site. This book taught me to appreciate the art of illustration. I began searching for the original books these illustrations appeared in. Each time I found one I would add it to my collection.

After graduating many years ago with a degree in History I went back to school to learn Graphic Arts. I loved making photo collages and started to incorporate many of the images from my collection into my work. I wanted to create items people could use for home decor, special occasions and gifts. I began creating banners, gift tags, boxes and many other items that people could cut and make. You can find these items at    My Etsy Shop

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