Vintage Circus - Editable Printable

Please right click on the link and save to your computer. Remember where you have saved the file. Go to the folder and open the file by clicking on it. If the file opens in your browser click on the save icon. You will not be able to adjust the text from some browsers. Open the file from your computer. Please note these files require Adobe Reader 9 or above. I always suggest getting the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can download it for free from www.adobe.com

To edit the text on the files that have editable text please click on "View" scroll to "Toolbars" scroll to "Properties Bar" and click. Please watch the online lesson listed below for how to work with text sizes on our banners.
1. Scroll over the text to highlight it
2. Enter your text in the text field
3. I have already entered the correct text size.
4. Enter the letters you want on the pennants and how you want them arranged.
5. Print only the pages you want. When you select print the Adobe Print Dialog Box will open. Select the pages you want to print, for example 1-2 or 1-4 etc.
6. Continue to change the text and print the pages you want to complete a phrase or name. The Circus Banner has four pennants with editable text. Change the letter and print pages 1-2 until you have the name or phrase you want. Pages 3-4 can be used as spacers or at the beginning or end of the banner.
If your text is too large for any field a small "x" will appear in the lower right corner. Decrease text size. If you do not the "x" will print on your page.
If you want to change the text color, highlight the letter and click on the color option in the "Properties Bar". You can also change the font to any you have installed on your computer.
If you do not want text, highlight and delete the text.
Additional note --- To make a mini banner, click print and locate "page scaling" in the "print" dialog box, Select "multiple pages per sheet". Go one line below and select "pages per sheet" and enter 2. If you want to create a cake banner select the number to a page for the size you want.

The Circus Font is all upper case.
Watch an online lesson on how to add and change text. Click on the link below. Changing Text

Circus Banner

Cupcake Wraps


Cupcake Toppers or Round Tags

Gift Tags

Nugget Wraps

Circus Hershey Wrapper

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