Paper Toy – Racing Cut-outs

Fun paper toy from the Boston Sunday Globe. This one of a series of paper racing toys by Raymond Ayers. Click on the image to download a printable size in tiff format. Note the original is larger than a standard piece of paper. You can download that version here. I looked up the patent for this paper toy and the movement was achieved in a different way. Below is the drawing.


Printable Paper Toy-Open Railroad Car-Boston Sunday Globe

Boston Sunday Globe Open CarThe Boston Sunday Globe offered a number of paper toys. Although designed for children, most of them required skill to cut out. This is a fun railway car from 1896. You can download the full size image and a slightly smaller printable version by clicking on the image above. Print on card stock. You can add additional strength by gluing to a cereal box or poster board. I use spray adhesive. Make sure you use the adhesive in a ventilated area. If you use white glue it has a tendency to warp the paper due to the high water content. Yes paste works the best from my experience.

Toy Theater – Little Red Riding Hood – Boston Sunday Globe

The Boston Sunday Globe included numerous supplements that are highly collectable today. One of my favorite series is the Toy Theater scenes. This particular toy theater scene was published by The Donaldson Brothers in New York, 1895. I cannot bring myself to actually cut it out, so I usually scan these, print and cut. Give me some scissors and glue and I am a happy person. This sheet would be great for your altered art projects.Click on the image to download a pdf file.

Toy Theater - Little Red Riding Hood