A Little Bit Retro – Turkey Finger Puppet


I love making Paper Toys and posting vintage and antique paper toys. During the early part of the ninetieth century finger puppet postcards were popular. I created a fun little Turkey Finger Puppet for you to have fun with on Thanksgiving. The turkey can’t fly, but  can run very fast from the farmer! Each postcard is 6 inches wide by 4 inches tall. You can mail these if you like. These postcards print 3 to a page in pdf format. Click on the image to download. Print on card stock and cut. Cut-out the one inch circles for your fingers to fit through. You can leave the postcard as is or cut-out the Turkey. A one inch hole punch works great for the finger holes. This turkey has a fun 60′s style graphic that I created. I used the font, Action IS and you can get this at The Font Diner. I purchased several things from The Font Diner a number of years ago and I will always remember receiving the CD with a paper bag filled with dice, plastic chips and other novelty items. I bought their Casino Fonts. Clever packaging!!! Watch for my fox, hedgehog, owl and other finger puppet postcards that are a part of this series of paper toys.