Printable Paper Toy-Open Railroad Car-Boston Sunday Globe

Boston Sunday Globe Open CarThe Boston Sunday Globe offered a number of paper toys. Although designed for children, most of them required skill to cut out. This is a fun railway car from 1896. You can download the full size image and a slightly smaller printable version by clicking on the image above. Print on card stock. You can add additional strength by gluing to a cereal box or poster board. I use spray adhesive. Make sure you use the adhesive in a ventilated area. If you use white glue it has a tendency to warp the paper due to the high water content. Yes paste works the best from my experience.

Free Circus Images for your Digital Art

Free Circus Images For Digital ArtDownload a free set of circus images for your digital art projects. Each image is in transparent png format. These images are from my antique and vintage collection of paper toys. Resize the images, change the saturation and create what you want. Use any way you like, just credit the resource at It is always nice to see what you create and share on my face book page at Hedgehog Studio. Click on the image above to download a zip file.

Below is a sample page using 4 images from the above collection.

Have fun!

American Toy Theaters – Patents

American Toy Theater Patent

Just spent some time researching American Toy Theaters at the The United States Patent and Trademark Office. You can also search at Google’s patent section. If you like research this is fun! I found so many wonderful paper toy patents from the late 1800′s to the early 1900′s. Patents make great wall art and are fun to work with in digital and paper collage. If you like Steampunk (like I do) this is a great resource for inventions at the turn of the 20th century. Keep in mind, not all patents can be used. The illustrations etc. may also be copyrighted. Please read further info on this at The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Alice In Wonderland Paper Toy

I love to collect and design antique and vintage style paper toys. This paper toy is part 1 of a series of 4. I like paper that has movement. When cut out and put together the Queen and King move side to side. I also designed this so it will fit a 7 x 5 inch card. Simply punch holes through the card and attach.Click on the image below and download a pdf file.

Alice In Wonderland Paper Toy

Have fun!

Story Book Sundays – Alice In Wonderland Illustration by Bonnibel Butler

Please join me on Sundays for vintage and antique illustrations from my story books. I am always discovering illustrations I never knew existed. This journey has led to looking for information about the illustrators and their work. I am often surprised how little information exists. Below is a delightful illustration by Bonnibel Butler. Click on the link to download a zip file. The image is from the book page in actual size at 300ppi. These are in tiff format so image information is not lost.

Alice In Wonderland illustrated by Bonnibel Butler

This illustration is from the book Let’s Pretend, published in 1914 by Volland. Bonnibel Butler illustrated several books I am aware of. The list is below:

  • A Book of Delights
  • Holland Stories
  • Favorite Mother Goose
  • The Baby’s Record of Mental and Physical Growth

I hope you enjoy the illustration. Please feel free to add any information you have on Bonnibel Butler in the comment section.