Paper Toy – Diorama – London Bridge

This was a supplement to the Boston Sunday Globe in 1907. This was part of a series of dioramas of various cities throughout the world. This image is larger than printable size. Click on the image above for a printable size in tif format or click here for the full size version.

Paper Toy – Racing Cut-outs

Fun paper toy from the Boston Sunday Globe. This one of a series of paper racing toys by Raymond Ayers. Click on the image to download a printable size in tiff format. Note the original is larger than a standard piece of paper. You can download that version here. I looked up the patent for this paper toy and the movement was achieved in a different way. Below is the drawing.


Pease Porridge Hot – Illustrated by Ella Dolbear Lee

One , two and three color illustrations were very common in children’s books in the early part of the twentieth century. You will often see a description of the book by the publisher, “many illustrations with two colors”. Common colors were orange or red and black, less common were blue and green.Click on the image to download in tiff format.300ppi – Print size 5 x 7 inches.