Story Book Sundays – The Little Match Girl – Illustrated by Cecile Walton

This is one of my favorite Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. This is a beautiful illustration by Cecile Walton. Click on the image to download a tiff file at 300ppi – print size 4.6 x 5.8 inches. Actual book print size.

Mason Jar Project – Puppet Gnome In A forest of Mushrooms

Make a puppet Gnome in a forest of mushrooms. Download the Gnome Pattern that includes the mushrooms.

Supplies you will need:

Barbeque skewer

Round wooden bead

Quart Mason Jar




Hole Punch

Step 1: Punch a hole in the center of the canning lid insert

Step 2. Print and cut out the pattern. All elements have a gray outline. Cut just inside the gray line.

Step 3 Bend back the bottom 1/2 inch of each mushroom and glue to the circle.

Step 4. Place some glue in the bottom of the mason jar

Step 5. Gently fold the forest to fit through the mouth of the jar

Step 6. Use a knife or something to push the circle down to secure to the bottom

Step 7. Cut the skewer to a 6 inch length. Do not cut the tip end.

Step 8. Tape the Gnome to the skewer at the back.

Step 10. Insert the skewer through the hole of the lid and glue a wooden bead or something similar to the top. (This prevents the skewer from falling through)

Step 11. Embelish the lid as you like.

Now you can pop your Gnome up and down and move through the mushrooms.



A Little Bit Retro – Turkey Finger Puppet


I love making Paper Toys and posting vintage and antique paper toys. During the early part of the ninetieth century finger puppet postcards were popular. I created a fun little Turkey Finger Puppet for you to have fun with on Thanksgiving. The turkey can’t fly, but  can run very fast from the farmer! Each postcard is 6 inches wide by 4 inches tall. You can mail these if you like. These postcards print 3 to a page in pdf format. Click on the image to download. Print on card stock and cut. Cut-out the one inch circles for your fingers to fit through. You can leave the postcard as is or cut-out the Turkey. A one inch hole punch works great for the finger holes. This turkey has a fun 60′s style graphic that I created. I used the font, Action IS and you can get this at The Font Diner. I purchased several things from The Font Diner a number of years ago and I will always remember receiving the CD with a paper bag filled with dice, plastic chips and other novelty items. I bought their Casino Fonts. Clever packaging!!! Watch for my fox, hedgehog, owl and other finger puppet postcards that are a part of this series of paper toys.

Harvest Time – Folk Art – Primitive Gift Tags

I love this time of the year! I use to design primitive and folk art stencils and thought I would put them in a graphic format. I like tags that are a little larger than most. I make tags that are 3.5 x 5 inches in size. Download a set of 4 in jpg format at 300ppi by clicking on the image above. You can use these for labels, tags, iron on transfers, collage etc. Don’t forget to mirror the image if using it for an iron on. I love making fabric shelf sitters and this would work well. Make it special!

Thanksgiving Place Cards or Banquet Labels For You To Personalize

Thanksgiving is one of those special occasions where “Personalized Place Cards” are always a nice touch. Download a free set of place cards that you can personalize with a name or use for a banquet table to label the foods. These place cards are 3.5 inches long and two inches high after folding. Use the crop marks as a guide when cutting. Score and fold where the image meets the back. I always recommend scoring first because the grain of different card stocks varies. If you have ever folded something without scoring you know what I mean. Right click on the image to download a pdf file. Make It Special!!!

Turkey Jointed Paper Toy 1920 – Illustration by Bess Bruce Cleavland

Vintage Jointed Paper Toy from 1920. I like to print these on Kraft card stock. You can print on regular inkjet paper, color and paste to a cereal box. Cut-out and attach the elements with brads. This is the original size of all the parts. You can resize down if you prefer a smaller turkey. Click on the image to download a full size image.