Decorate Your Work Desk

Working 9 hours a day in a cubical like I did for years can be numbing.
I displayed family pictures, unique pen holders and anything that made
it feel like my personal space. As the seasons rolled around I made
little mini banners to brighten my cubical. Sometimes I would use them to
celebrate the holidays or I would make one with a special quote that made me smile.

Download a mini banner below for St. Patrick’s Day.

Right click on the image below and save the link to your computer.
Open the pdf file
The file contains editable text for anything you would like to express.
Cut-out the mini banners inside or outside the border and fold in-half
Use a piece of string or 1/8 inch green ribbon (as long as you will need for the number of pennants you print)
Fold the banner over the string and attach a small amount of glue to the inside.
Hang your banner across those wonderful cubicals so many of us work in!Mini St. Patrick Pennant Banner

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