Toy Theater – Little Red Riding Hood – Boston Sunday Globe

The Boston Sunday Globe included numerous supplements that are highly collectable today. One of my favorite series is the Toy Theater scenes. This particular toy theater scene was published by The Donaldson Brothers in New York, 1895. I cannot bring myself to actually cut it out, so I usually scan these, print and cut. Give me some scissors and glue and I am a happy person. This sheet would be great for your altered art projects.Click on the image to download a pdf file.

Toy Theater - Little Red Riding Hood

Toy Theater – The Fairy Playhouse – Illustrated by Frances Delehanty

The Fiary Playhouse Snow White

I enjoy collecting and creating paper toys. One of my favorites is the toy theaters that were popular during the late 19th and early 20th century.
In America many toy theaters were published in women’s magazines. Most collectors are familiar with the toy theaters that were printed in “The Pictorial Review” and “The Delineator”, but there was also a series of toy theaters from “The Designer” called “The Fairy Playhouse”, illustrated by Frances W. Delehanty. If you are lucky enough to run across these they are usually sold as single sheets and do not have the accompanying play. I have scanned both for your personal enjoyment. Please click on the image above to download a zip file that contains a pdf file with the full size original and second pdf file for printing.